After my last post, I tossed and turned for the next few hours, finally giving up on sleep and getting everything together for the morning. Again I looked over the bags sitting in the kitchen filled with Indiana’s personal items and our own. We packed for at least a week […]

I am too wide-awake and I doubt I’ll get more than an hour or two even if I do attempt.  It was 99 degrees, feeling like 110 outside yesterday.  A pool day with the family, for sure, if you could stand the heat.  Mom made delicious hamburgers on the grill, […]

Not even five minutes after Dr. Finn-Thompson left the room, the anesthesiologist came inside and introduced herself as Dr. Annette Schure.  I immediately felt calmer in her presence – which I’m sure didn’t have anything to do with the fact she specializes in pain management (right?).  I clicked my pen […]

6 am rolls around and I feel like I’ve barely slept – but I’m pretty sure I had a few hours.  A lump sits in the middle of my throat and I find as many things to do as I can to keep my mind clear.  This is not a […]

Surgery day for my Indiana is not far away.  The day she was diagnosed it felt far, especially when we were told “6 months old”.  It felt far when the tentative date was August 5th of this year.  It even felt far when the surgery date was changed and finalized […]

You can read as many pregnancy books as your heart desires.  You can take the prenatal classes that teach you how to take care of your body and “breathe through the labor” (best you can).  You can listen to friendly advice of love and ignore the not so friendly, downright […]