“Mason Cole was born on 7/16/19 via C-Section and was supposed to be a happy and healthy baby. When we got into recovery, a nurse was alerted to a noise he started making after he ate for the first time. He was rushed to the NICU and by the end of the day he and diagnosed with Tetralogy Of Fallot. At 4 days old he was life flighted to Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital in downtown Houston. At 9 days old he had his first open heart surgery. At 10 days old he went into cardiac arrest for 51 minutes and was placed on ECMO. He had his 2nd open heart surgery at 15 days old. After all of that, pedidialysis, a brain bleed, a collapsed lung and 7 weeks in the PICU.. I was able to bring him home. He’s a happy 3 month old and is gaining weight like a champ! He’ll need at least one more surgery in the future, possibly two. These cardiac babies are amazing!” – Taylor, Mason’s mother, October 2019.