“At 34 weeks, we heard the words no parents ever want to hear, there’s something wrong with your baby. Fast forward 3 weeks and our little miracle Maeve was born at a measly 4lbs, blue but alive.  Maeve was diagnosed with the CHD known as tetralogy of fallot which impacts multiple areas of the heart, specifically the pulmonary valve. Maeve spent 95 days at Luries children’s hospital where  she underwent a life saving cath procedure at one month and had her full repair at 3 months.

Unfortunately, Maeve was also  born with an extremely rare genetic syndrome called ddx3x which has caused numerous other birth defects, many of which will require more surgeries. Like all of the children featured on this page, Maeve is a warrior and hasn’t let any of this slow her down. She has shown more strength and resilience than anyone I’ve ever met.

Despite her tough start Maeve is thriving and loves her life so much! She is the happiest little girl and the light of one lives. Maeve brings people together and there’s not a person out there she can’t charm. I always remind her to take care of her heart because it carries so many others in it. Simply put, she’s the best thing my husband and I have ever done. We couldn’t be more thankful for our mighty Maeve.” written by her mother, Dana. November 2019