“Two years ago my husband, daughter and I welcomed our twin boys into our family after a somewhat uncomplicated pregnancy. They came two months early early and fast. As if that wasn’t surprise enough, we learned at three days old that Griffin was born with a congenital heart defect and had three “holes” in his heart (ASD, VSD and PFO). The neonatologist sat down with us to go over the details of what this all meant for our son. 

As you can imagine, we were like deer in headlights. Learning your child has a CHD can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re thrust into unfamiliar territory filled with strange terminology and new doctors, and while Griffin’s heart defect is one of the more common and less complicated CHD’s, as a parent you can be quickly consumed by fear of what this means for your child. 

The first 18 months of Griffin’s life were filled with ups and downs. He spent about 8 weeks in the NICU, treated for NEC, came home finally with a feeding tube, had RSV, and countless pneumonia diagnoses. He was in/out of the hospital until his open heart surgery to repair the holes. Since the repair he has been absolutely THRIVING. 

He is a very happy boy, loves his family very much and can turn on the charm faster than I’ve ever seen in my life (this will surely get his mommy into trouble later in life ). Looking at him, you would never know he has been through all this. ♥️

#ConqueringCHD #CHDaware #griffinmarkpogo ” – written by his mother, Kate. November 2019