“Everly was born 6/5/19. Because of my heart condition, at birth, an echo and ekg was done on her but ultimately the cardiologist on staff that evening cleared her. We took her home a day later and after a week of being home, my mama instincts kicked in because something just did not seem right. We brought her to the pediatric ER where she was then diagnosed with an atrial septal defect, pulmonary valve stenosis and supravalvar stenosis. She had a cardiac catheterization on August 29th where they brought the obstruction down from 80% to about 50%. In October we were told that she was going to need open heart surgery. My babygirl had open heart surgery on November 25th and is since then thriving and surprising us everyday.

She is continuing to be closely monitored because there is a chance the obstruction can increase again but we are continuing to pray and be optimistic at each visit! Becoming a heart parent, it deep down to your core, changes you. You channel a strength and willingness you didn’t know you had. It tests your faith and gives you a different perspective on life. You’re in awe of the tiny human you made from scratch, what they’ve had to endure and the strength and perseverance they teach you at such an early age.❤️” – written by her mom, Melissa. January 2020