I am too wide-awake and I doubt I’ll get more than an hour or two even if I do attempt.  It was 99 degrees, feeling like 110 outside yesterday.  A pool day with the family, for sure, if you could stand the heat.  Mom made delicious hamburgers on the grill, […]

Surgery day for my Indiana is not far away.  The day she was diagnosed it felt far, especially when we were told “6 months old”.  It felt far when the tentative date was August 5th of this year.  It even felt far when the surgery date was changed and finalized […]

These two photos, almost four years apart, depict a private moment between a mother and her daughters. It’s hard to believe that the first photo was so long ago when I can remember that moment as if it were yesterday. I can remember her weight on my abdomen, her delicate […]