We’re here to support you during this incredibly difficult time! Please feel free to reach out anytime. You are not alone.

Hello! We’re the Sakash family and welcome to CHD&Me.

In our family of four we have Alex, Lacey, Quinn and Indiana, our heart warrior and inspiration behind the website. CHD&Me became a brainchild of Lacey’s when she decided to dive headfirst into the congenital heart defect community. Along with running the project, she also maintains an official Instagram dedicated to sharing Indiana’s heart journey and raising awareness for a grossly underfunded health issue. Her next step in advocacy is creating a Massachusetts State Chapter for Conquering CHD (CCHD), a National Organization dedicated to educate, support and provide transparency regarding Congenital Heart Disease.

Did you know? In 1 in 100 live births there will be a child born with one (or several types) of Congenital Heart Defects? This also means it is the NUMBER ONE most common birth defect worldwide.

This single fact skims the surface of what Congenital Heart Defects entail and how they affect families around the world. But unless your lives have been touched by it personally or you work in the medical field, chances are you had no idea what it was.

CHD&Me is dedicated to raising awareness and spreading stories of the heart warriors in our lives. We are supporters of all fellow heart families and organizations that are also dedicated to finding a cure.

We are also introducing our very own heart warrior, Indiana, and her journey battling CHD. Indiana’s diagnosis includes a large conoventricular ventricular septal defect, pulmonary valve stenosis and a small atrial septal defect that was found during her open heart surgery. Indie’s Petite Beats is a blog written by Lacey that documents from the initial diagnosis, to eventual surgery and beyond post surgery. You may even catch a post from Alex or even a small passage of spoken word by Indie’s older sister, Quinn. We will also be providing valuable CHD resources and featuring heart warrior stories written by the families/warriors themselves.

How can you help us in raising awareness about Congenital Heart Defects? Donate to your local chapter of a CHD organization/foundation. Reach out to them and offer to volunteer if you have the time to do so. Share this website with friends and family to spread the word about CHD. Visit/Share CHD&Me’s official Instagram, @chdandme, to read up about the facts she posts and see inside a heart mom’s daily life. Watch a documentary on CHD called, The Heart of the Matter that is posted on our main resources page. It is excellent featured movie for new heart parents and those who don’t know anything about CHD but would like to learn.

We appreciate you taking the time in diving in headfirst with us into this community. Let’s take all of our knowledge and work together to get rid of Congenital Heart Defects for good. Won’t you join us?

– Lacey, Alex, Quinn & Indiana Sakash